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Informal chats in Serbian about various topics and with different people



“It’s great to listen to you because you have an ideal way of speaking for a learner like me who can understand a fair bit but struggles to understand when a Serbian speaker speaks at ‘normal’ speed.” – John, YouTube

“Informal but controlled chats in the Serbian language are the best listening practice and a great vocabulary booster.” – Magdalena


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About My Serbian Language Podcast

The content for my Serbian language podcasts originally appears as a live video on my YouTube channel once per month. I promise the quality of sound and video will get better as I learn how to use all my equipment. 🙂


Why Make the Serbian Language Podcast

The idea to do it came to me because many students and followers asked me to recommend a podcast for learning Serbian. I looked and I’ve noticed that there is nothing I could really recommend. There are many language learning podcasts, but usually only for the most studied languages. It will be easy if you’re learning French or Spanish, but there’s not much to find for learning Serbian. There are many podcasts for native speakers, but these are not of much use for you until you reach at least a B2 level.


A Graded Podcast is Excellent for Learning a Language

A good podcast created specifically for language learners can really make a difference. It will help you advance your listening skills and learn many new words organized around various topics. It will help you get used to the way native speaker talks, starting from a more controlled, easy-to-follow speech of the host.


How Can You Best Use My Serbian Language Podcasts

Read the title and the description of topics in English. Read the vocabulary list and try to remember the words that you don’t know. Write a list of those words, make flashcards, or anything that helps. Then you can listen or watch the podcast without captions to see what you can understand. Afterwards, you can watch it with Serbian or English captions, depending on your level.

Remember you can always pause the video to write something down, or rewind to hear something again. You can also watch it at a slower speed, if that’s what you need. One thing that’s really good about podcasts is: you can develop your own way of using them to get what you need.


How I make this Serbian language podcast for my students

I think of a topic, outline the structure and the subtopics I want to talk about, and then I just talk spontaneously, in a relaxed pace, similarly to the way I speak in class with my students. I try to explain the words that I use by rephrasing or using synonyms. Occasionally I’ll use an English translation or explain relevant grammar a little bit. For grammar lessons, I suggest you to refer to my blog and my YouTube channel – where I’ll also teach a live grammar lesson every month.


My Plans about Podcasting in Serbian in 2020

In the 2020, I plan to live stream on YouTube twice per month. One stream will be turned to a Serbian language learning podcast, with captions and a vocabulary list on these pages, the other will be a Serbian grammar lesson. If you want to get notifications about these streams and new podcasts and Serbian lessons, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter below.

Meet The Host of Serbian Language Podcast

Serbian Language Podcast 1

Magdalena Petrovic Jelic

Dedicated Serbian language teacher with a mission to create the best place on the web for learning Serbian. Polyglot and perpetual language learner. True grammar lover. Mother of a 3 years old Viktor and tireless story-teller.


Posvećena profesorica srpskog jezika sa misijom da stvori najbolje mesto na internetu za učenje srpskog jezika. Poliglota i večiti učilac jezika. Iskreni ljubitelj gramatike. Majka trogodišnjeg Viktora i neumorni pripovedač.


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