I am a dedicated Serbian and Croatian language teacher, teaching languages since 2005

I graduated the Serbian literature and language at the university of Novi Sad, Serbia, where I also studied the Croatian literature.

Languages  are  my passion! I’ve  learned 12  foreign  languages to a different extent. 

I speak English,  Greek,  Italian,  Spanish  and  French. At the moment I’m learning German.

My name is Magdalena Petrović Jelić.

My mission 

is to help you make sense of our complex grammar gradually, in the most efficent way, while expanding your vocabulary and learning about the culture and lifestyle.

My method

is based on communication. I make my students communicate in their target language from the first lesson. With me you will train to use grammar naturally and to speak with confidence. 

My online tutoring Serbian or Croatian lessons are 60 minutes long and include:

  • fun, laugh and hard work;
  • reading, writing, listening and speaking practice;
  • grammar and communication training;
  • information about culture and customs;
  • homework checked out of the lesson;
  • after-class email support.

You only need:

  • willingness to learn,
  • a stable internet connection,
  • a Skype or Zoom account,
  • a device with screen big enough for you to see well,
  • and preferably a set of headphones.

If you are determined to master

Serbian or Croatian

and if you love communicating,

I want to be your teacher and I’m  looking forward  to  hearing  from  YOU.


Be aware that you cannot master a completely new language in a month or two. 

There is no magic pill. 

Learning a new language requires many hours of studying and practice. 

It takes time and effort.

You must be serious about learning and ready to commit. 

If you are starting from scratch, with no previous experience with the Slavic languages,

it will take you about a year to get real results if you study about 2 or 3 hours a week.

The core lesson on Serbian verbs in 4 pages
Would you like a free copy?

The core lesson on Serbian verbs in 4 pages

Would you like a free copy?

The resource you requested is on its way.