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The unique course of Serbian language and culture

Serbian Language Courses

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Learn Serbian Language online with my proven method and high-quality material

Magdalena Petrović Jelić

Zdravo, ja sam Magdalena, a dedicated language teacher, a polyglot and a language learner.

My mission is to help people around the world learn Serbian language. That’s why I work hard to develop the most effective method and to create the best possible materials for teaching Serbian.

You can learn Serbian language with my self-study courses or take individual lessons with me, or both.

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Learning Serbian language?

Start with basic Serbian words. It’s easy with

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My students’ kind words

A combination of a structured plan and personalized lessons

“What I find particularly great about our lessons is the way Lena is able to combine a structured lesson plan, while also allowing my questions to personalize each class. She gives very clear explanations for vocabulary and grammar, using the Serbian language as much as possible.

Lena is professional, friendly, and easy to talk with. I thoroughly enjoy our lessons and feel like I’ve improved a lot since we started! Hvala puno, Leno!”

John Kiappes, university researcher and teacher

Speaking Serbian language from the start

“I like the materials and find Magdalena’s presentation very clear. I like how the target language is used from the start. Even if I’m quite nervous, she is encouraging and allows me time to think and I don’t feel pressured.

At the end of every lesson, I feel like I’ve really learned something. Hvala lepo!”

Michael Liddle, language teacher and translator

If you want to learn Serbian language, this is your lady!

“I would really recommend working with Magdalena: she is very thorough, very patient and gives you enough of a safe space to talk and learn through your mistakes. I’ve regularly sent her written homework and have been impressed by the detail she goes into correcting it.

When I was recently back in Croatia speaking with friends in Croatian, I was surprised how far my spoken language and my confidence had come on working with Magdalena.

So if you want to learn Serbian or Croatian language online, this is your lady!”

Jamie Carroll, therapist

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Parents in diaspora, speak Serbian to your children!

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BEFORE You Start Serbian: When Is the Best Time to Start Learning a Language

Every year there are two major periods when most people decide to learn Serbian or Croatian. But are these really the best moments for starting a new language? In this video I explain when is the best time for starting Serbian or Croatian and how to use that surge of motivation and avoid the disappointment many language learners face.

Languages of ex Yugoslavia

The Languages of Ex-Yugoslavia: a personal experience

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