Natural Serbian Course

The only free course of Serbian lifestyle and culture.

It was the first series of videos we made to learn video-making skills and introduce our website to the Serbian-learning community.

And it was an excellent idea because, you know that disappointing feeling when you start learning a language with enthusiasm, only to realize that you can’t understand what locals are saying?

Or even if you do understand the meaning of the words, their usage can be a complete puzzle for you.

That’s because people usually speak quite different than textbooks are teaching. But you can learn to speak Serbian like native with our courses.

A lot of things have happened since that first series of videos, but I’ve kept this principle in mind when writing the courses for Serbonika: I teach grammar and all the things you must know as an educated person, but we also record real-life dialogues and make sure to include common expressions even if they don’t belong to the standard.

Check it out! Our Introductory Serbian course is free of charge and contains many useful, ready to use, real-life phrases.

With our courses at Serbonika, you will learn to speak like a real Serb.