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Do you know that disappointing feeling when you start learning a language with enthusiasm,

only to realize that you can’t understand what locals are saying?

Or even if you do understand the meaning of the words, their usage is a complete puzzle for you.


That’s because people usually speak quite different than textbooks are teaching.

But you can learn to speak Serbian with natives!

An Englishman eating slatko in Belgrade
Why learning about Serbian lifestyle really matters

Do you know what is “slatko”? Let me tell you an anecdote that shows why learning about Serbian lifestyle really matters when learning Serbian language.

The Natural Serbian Course
How to say ”no” politely and stop overeating without offending your hosts
How to say no politely and stop overeating without offending your hostsby Magdalena Petrović Jelić Maybe you know exactly what is slatko and what to do with it. If you don't, you will find out on this page. But do you know how to refuse food or drink without offending...
How to say hello in Serbian, Serbian Greetings
More than ”10 Ways to Say Hello in Serbia”

How do you greet people in Serbia? Did you go beyond the common “Dobar dan” and “Zdravo”? When do you stop saying “Dobro jutro” and when do you start saying “Dobro veče”? Learn 10 different ways we say “Hello” in Serbia.

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