Tako Lako Beginner

Serbian language self-study course made from the Serbian perspective

empowers you to learn Serbian quickly and effectively

until August 20

Learn Serbian from your home or on the go with our high-quality material

7 hours of video lessons


2 hours of Serbian-only audio


139 printable pdf pages


You will learn:

  • to read and write Serbian Latin
  • to pronounce properly
  • to introduce yourself
  • to greet people
  • to speak formally and informally
  • to describe people and things
  • numbers and colours
  • food and drink
  • countries and languages
  • professions
  • to talk about people and family
  • to conjugate all the verbs in present,
  • to use modal verbs and
  • to double conjugate
  • to talk about leisure
  • to talk about time and weather
  • to tell where something happens

You will read about:

  • Belgrade and Novi Sad
  • Serbian names and surnames
  • Tourists visiting Belgrade
  • Serbs as tourists
  • Serbian cuisine
  • Raspberry production in Serbia
  • Serbian lifestyle
Instructor and Creator of the Course

Instructor and Creator of the Course


Magdalena Petrović Jelić, a professional Serbian language teacher, a passionate language learner and a polyglot. Teaching languages since 2004. and on the quest of creating the most effective method for learning Serbian as a foreign language.

What my students say about the course

This course is top-notch! I’ve tried many platforms for different languages, and this one is brilliant. It is informative and fun. It keeps you interested and motivated to learn more.

Melanie, Switzerland

Your course is excellent. I look forward to learning Serbian with it on a daily basis. With this course, I stand a chance to learn enough before my next trip to Serbia. Thank you!

Christopher, Germany

I especially like the “Do you know Serbia” videos: They are beautiful! I’ve used them for practising both listening and pronunciation, and as a writing exercise.

Ashley, UK

This is a fantastic platform! My girlfriend is Serbian, and we were so thrilled to find out that, finally, there is an excellent course of Serbian for me!

Wouter, Netherlands

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