Learn to conjugate verbs in present so you can

speak and write Serbian with confidence.

In this unique resource you will find everything you need to know about the Serbian present tense

from BEGINNER level (A1)

to INTERMEDIATE (B1) and even further.

Because many ADVANCED students are actually relieved to learn this.

The present tense in Serbian is both EASY and DIFFICULT.


The verbs can be divided into three groups

so it looks like a piece of cake

and you CAN stop there.

Three Basic Types of Serbian Conjugations

But if you don’t stop there, you will soon realize that

the present tense is actually quite complex

because of changes in the roots.

Examples of Serbian Conjugations

Luckily, there is consistency and there are rules.


To help you conjugate confidently, I’ve divided the verbs into groups

and exposed 24 conjugation types of the verbs systematically

in this unique learning material


The Ultimate Conjugator – Present Tense with Confidence

I have found the Ultimate Conjugator clear, concise and the best guide to Serbian verb conjugation that I have ever seen!

Sarah Karoline

Translator and Language Teacher, London, UK

The Ultimate Conjugator 1

You will learn about:


  • infinitive
  • verb to be
  • present tense
  • negating the verbs
  • asking questions
  • three main groups of verbs
  • 24 types of verbs
  • irregular verbs
  • auxiliary verbs

This unique resource that reveals

24 types of verbs in 24 pages

can be yours TODAY

for onlyThe Ultimate Conjugator 2

€ 6The Ultimate Conjugator 2

The Ultimate Conjugator 4