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Tako Lako is a comprehensive Serbian language course.

It teaches not only grammar and vocabulary, but also culture.

It provides you with Serbian MP3 audio files, rich PDF coursebook and VIDEO lectures.

It combines many methods of language learning:

  • clear grammar explanations followed by exercises, 
  • e-book rich in pictures to help with vocabulary,
  • stories and dialogues for learning in context,
  • Serbian-only mp3 audio files for repetition,
  • and informative articles about Serbia and the Serbs.

Tako Lako means „so easy“. It is easy because:


  • it’s divided into small chunks (less than 15 minutes),
  • it takes you forward step by step and systematically,
  • you simply follow the course and track your progress,
  • you can watch videos, read coursebook and listen to the audio files as many times as you need,
  • you can do that wherever and whenever you want.

You only need:


  • 15 minutes of your time at a turn,
  • a device with internet access to watch video lectures,
  • headphones or a quiet room,
  • a printed coursebook or a notebook to do exercises,
  • a device to listen to the mp3 audio files (your mobile phone).

This course is for total beginners, but even if you’re not a real beginner, you will benefit from it. If you want to learn Serbian systematically and properly, your best bet is to start here.

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 Tako Lako 

Basic Serbian Course


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This course builds up on to the previous one and uses the Cyrillic script. 

The two courses are designed to completely cover the A level according to the CEFR (Common European Framwork of Reference for Languages).

More about the methodology:

Tako Lako uses similar principles as popular programs like Rosetta Stone or Glossika,

but it works much better than any language learning app

because it doesn’t simply make you memorize words and phrases.

Your teacher is there to explain and clarify everything.

Not only that: it also gives you a chance to immerse yourself in Serbian-only language content that you understand.

Furthermore, the Tako Lako Course is based on the Serbian language and lifestyle.

The content is developed so that it teaches you what you need to know

about the Serbian language and the Serbs.

Unlike Rosetta Stone, Glossika, Duolingo and similar popular programs and apps,

that are all mostly based on the English language and only translate to other languages,

Tako Lako teaches you Serbian culture and lifestyle and all the necessary grammar

from the inside perspective: from the Serbian language, Serbia and the Serbs as its starting point.

With the Tako Lako Serbian Language Course, you will learn everything you need about the Serbian nouns, cases and declensions, Serbian verbs and conjugations, in order to build a solid basis and pave your path towards becoming fluent in Serbian.

The core lesson on Serbian verbs in 4 pages
Would you like a free copy?

The core lesson on Serbian verbs in 4 pages

Would you like a free copy?

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