Serbian Cyrillic Reader A1-A2

Тако Лако читанка

Unique course of the Serbian language and culture

Who are the most famous Serbs? What are the Serbian national dishes? What are the best national parks in Serbia? How we celebrate our most important holidays?

Learn most interesting things about Serbia and the Serbs and master the Serbian Cyrillic script effortlessly with the new Serbian Reader course.

Peak Inside the Serbian Cyrillic Reader

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Level: A1-A2

Requires basic knowledge of Serbian and good command of Serbian Latin script


Setting: Online

Self-study course, hosted on our website


Completion: 6 months

Studying 2-3 hours a week


World Class Educator

Professional Serbian language teacher, native Serbian speaker and a polyglot

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Detailed instructions

Video lessons and written notes, about the Serbian Cyrillic script and alphabet, word stress and accents, and word order.

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Grammar lessons

Grammar references and written explanations to clear all your doubts about cases, pronouns, verbs and more.

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Memorable vocabulary

Vocabulary with vivid images and audio recordings, to help you learn quickly. Learning vocabulary in time helps you understand more.

Instructor and Creator of the Course

Instructor and Creator of the Course

Magdalena Petrović Jelić, a professional Serbian language teacher, a passionate language learner and a polyglot. Teaching languages since 2004 and on the quest of creating the most effective method for learning Serbian as a foreign language.

At your disposal for any questions or doubts that might occur along the way.

Is the Serbian Cyrillic Reader for you?

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Who is this course for?

This course is perfect for for A1,  A2 and B1 level students of Serbian. Use it independently to learn lots of vocabulary and cultural information, and master the Cyrillic script.

It is also useful for total beginners, but together with a complete course of Serbian. If you are a total beginner, I recommend you to start with my Tako Lako Beginner Serbian Course first.

Do you need more listening and reading experiences to practice what you’ve learned? This is for you.

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Why to learn Cyrillic?

Everyone who’s learning Serbian should be able at least to read, if not to write, Cyrillic.

The Cyrillic script is a crucial part of Serbian tradition and identity. It’s the constitutional script and all official documents are printed in it. Almost a half of all texts are printed or written in the Cyrillic script. It’s perfect for Serbian, as it actualizes the rule of „one letter for each sound“.

Every child in Serbia can read and write both Latin and Cyrillic script. Why don’t you try? It’s easy to learn.

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What’s inside?

Stories about Serbia organized in 5 modules with 5 main topics: country, celebrities, nature, cuisine and customs. All texts are downloadable as pdf and mp3, so you can continue learning even offline.

The stories are in Serbian Cyrillic, Serbian Latin and English translation. There are slow and fast audio recordings, to help you easily master the material.

Do you enjoy learning about culture and lifestyle? This course is for you.

What My Students Say

This course is excellent, too! I really liked the vocabulary section before the video. Students can learn the main vocabulary before they move on to listening to the video and seeing if they can pick those words out by ear. The placement of the Latin script directly below the Cyrillic is also a really good idea. Students can match and compare the two scripts as they read.

Sarah Caroline

Teacher and translator

London, UK

This course is fabulous!  It contains everything I wanted to know about the Serbian language, but was afraid to ask… or didn’t know I needed to ask. The unit about stress or pitch in Serbian blew me away! And I enjoy how your sense of humor comes out. Your videos are superb! And I particularly appreciate the colors – it is very easy on the eye.

Yvonne Koechig

English and German Teacher

Tako Lako Citanka

Enter the students’ zone now and explore the Serbian Cyrillic Reader with no obligations.

Included in Serbonika

Included in Serbonika

The Serbian Cyrillic Reader Course is UNAVAILABLE for sale since January 2021.

It will be included in our new platform Serbonika and upgraded with more materials, more exercises, more options and features, so your Serbian learning experience will be even better!

See you at Serbonika!

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Serbian Cyrillic Reader A1-A2: Captivating Course of Serbian Language & Culture

Learn most interesting things about Serbia and the Serbs and master the Serbian Cyrillic script effortlessly with the new captivating course by Serbian Courses

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